Restoration Work

29712It is a fact of life that brickwork deteriorates.  It is inevitable that bricks spall, crack, flake and mortar looses its strength.

Each restoration job is different. Often it is worth taking the time before work commences to identify the underlying issues.

Example: Sometimes water seeps in behind brickwork, therefore some of the problem could be flashing or roof related. Often the mortar has worn down and lost its ability to adhere to the brick.

An experienced eye can spot problems that could save the homeowner a lot of money in the long run, problems like the above and structural issues should be dealt with before any re-pointing or replacing of brickwork.

We at Renaissance Masonry have extensive experience in this area and have the ability and confidence to deal with your restoration project regardless of size. Our team will treat your building with the respect it deserves and once restoration is complete it will withstand the elements for generations to come.